Arnold Shapiro

Saturday’s Memorial Service was a wonderful tribute to an exceptional man.
It was the perfect combination of information, humor, emotion, and love. Each speaker highlighted another dimension of Ted’s life, so for those of us who knew him primarily as a teacher, we could appreciate all of his other impressive accomplishmens. The video tribute was beautifully done and very moving. I loved it.

I am a better person because Ted was in my life. And I am so grateful that I was able to stay in contact since my AHS graduation 53 years ago.

A small fact that was very big to me at the time. When I sold my first TV show, “Scholarquiz” (a high school quiz competition) to KCBS in Los Angeles, I invited Ted to be in the studio audience for the first show which was taped in Hollywood on my 23rd birthday. And he came! He sat right next to my parents. That gesture of being there on a Sunday afternoon meant so much to me—and is yet another example among countless others of Ted’s kindness and caring.

The last time I saw Ted was 2+ years ago at my 50th AHS reunion. I invited him as Karen’s and my guest. He was the only teacher present. He sat right next to me at our table, along with other former students. People came over to him all evening to pay their respects. He loved it. And when I stood before the microphone at the start of the evening and introduced him, Ted received a standing ovation! Long overdue and well-deserved.

Thank you again for inviting me to the Memorial and for the opportunity to make a small contribution to the Tribute Book. I wish you, your sisters, and the entire Tajima Family all the best in all ways possible.


Arnold Shapiro

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