Bobbie Taylor

After learning of the death of “Mr T”, I went to your website and saw your invitation to express  “thanks and appreciation for Ted’s service.”  Since I am not a member of your church and had never read the Clarion, I’m not sure that my letter is what you had in mind.

However, I wanted to let someone know how grateful I am and how much I still appreciate what this marvelous teacher and gentle man taught me so many years ago.  You see, I was a journalism student of his in 1952-54.  In my final semester, I served as Feature Editor, when Margo McCartney was editor-in-chief.

The lessons he taught us went way beyond good journalism. Beyond how to write for and compose a high school newspaper. And beyond his infamous “red pencil.”  He guided us, he counciled us, he advised us—and in his “eloquent baritone”—taught us how to be good citizens and responsible human beings.

In my business career (health insurance), I have taught younger people how to write letters to participants, providers, insurance departments and attorneys—using the “red pencil” approach and always listening to that voice in my head that counciled me so many years ago.

Curiously, I now produce my church’s monthly newsletter, still using the techniques and integrity taught by “Mr T.”  I am sure I am only one of hundreds of admiring and appreciative students.  I just wanted to add my small note of thanks.

Bobbie (Elliott) Taylor, Alhambra High School, Class of ’54

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