Carole Takagaki Lowe

Somehow, I thought Ted and the Clarion would go on forever. We mistakenly make these assumptions and take too many things for granted in our daily lives. As I’ve lived in the Bay Area for over forty years now, the Clarion has been my link to the Japanese American community and to the First Presbyterian Church of my childhood. Since Dad and Mom (Moe and Minnie Takagaki) are now gone and no longer give me updates about their friends in Pasadena, I look forward to hearing news snippets via the Clarion. I learn who’s passed on. I read that Jim Ishii, Marilynn’s father, is still teaching painting classes. I see that Bob Uchida is still involved in the community and receive his hand-written acknowledgements of donations. It’s reassuring and comforting to see long-time Pasadena names mentioned in the Clarion every week.

I’d like to express my personal appreciation for Ted Tajima’s six decades of service to the Clarion and to the community in general. There aren’t many others who have his depth of knowledge of the old-time Japanese-American families and their place in the history of Pasadena, not to mention his journalistic talent.

Thank you, Ted. I wish you and your family well and send you warmest personal regards.

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